We are a leading supplier of extrusion blow molding machines and related mold tooling with over 20 years of experience. We can handle high volumes and offer a production capacity of over 800 units per year.

Blow Molding Machine Applications

Daily Chemical Bottle Blow Molding Machines

Plastic bottles and other containers for everyday chemicals are the most common blow molded products in our lives. These products have a global market and high consumption rate, and they’re used for everything from personal care products to household cleaners. For example, shampoo, laundry detergent, toilet cleaner, disinfectant, and so on.

Tongda Machinery has more than 25 years of experience in researching and developing fully automated machinery for manufacturing chemical bottles that range from 100mL to 10L in volume.

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Jerry Can Blow Molding Machines

Jerry cans are designed to carry water, fuel, and other solutions, and they come in a variety of sizes. They are a staple of the global automotive industry, and the machinery and molds used in their production are our most popular products.

We have perfected multilayer extrusion blow molding machines, which perform co-extrusion of various raw materials to create high-performance composite parts. And we continue to develop machinery to produce Jerry cans in new shapes.

Milk Bottle Blow Molding Machines

HDPE plastic packaging is the most popular way to store dairy products. Milk bottles are produced and consumed on a large scale all over the world. Therefore, we ensure our blow molding machinery will meet your production requirements and maintain a stable and high output.

Gallon Water Bottle Blow Molding Machines

Drinking water is a necessity in our lives, and recyclable PC drinking buckets are in high demand. At Tongda Machinery, we’ve specialized in the production of polycarbonate gallon buckets for two decades. We can also customize the machine to use new biodegradable material to further reduce the environmental impact of your production line.

Chemical Drum Blow Molding Machines

Large, wide-mouth barrels for storing and transporting chemicals are very popular and in wide circulation. To meet the high demand, Tongda Machinery has been committed to research and development to increase the output of chemical drums. We made a breakthrough in large 220L wide-mouth barrels by developing double-station, automated multilayer blow molding equipment. This greatly increases product output and saves labor costs.

Small Products Blow Molding Machines

Pill bottles, soft play balls, plastic bowling balls, interlocking plastic bricks, and other small blow-molded products are a main focus of our company. According to the customer’s specifications and production demand, we will customize a mold and recommend the appropriate production model and equipment model.

Big Cross-Section Panels Blow Molding Machines

Plastic panels include pallets, roadblocks, guardrails, and other blow-molded products with relatively large cross-sections.

For this category of products, Tongda Machinery has specially developed a series of blow molding machinery. It utilizes independent mold clamping mechanisms and servo-hydraulic technology for stable production, energy savings, and reduced impact on the environment. According to your needs, we will customize the equipment to suit your product.

Product Category

Hydraulic blow molding machine

Servo blow molding machine

Fully electric blow molding machine

Other series


Tongda Machinery was established in 1999 as a technical enterprise integrating R&D, manufacturing, and sales for plastic blow molding machinery. The company grew to include three production bases in Fenghuang town and Tangqiao town with a total floor area of 100,000m² and a construction area of 80,000m².

Today there are more than 400 staff members, including several senior engineers from Germany and America. Since 2012, Tongda has been voted as “first in the industry” by China Plastics Machinery Industry Association.


Since it was founded in 1999, Tongda Machinery has sold over 7,000 blow molding machines to more than 120 countries and regions. We own 33 technical patents and our current annual output is 800 units.


For more than two decades, Suzhou Tongda Machinery Co., Ltd. has focused on the research, development, and product application of extrusion blow molding machines.

Our company has grown to include factory buildings with a floor area of 20,000m² as well as other facilities, and a new intelligent manufacturing factory with 40,000m² of floor space.

With a staff approaching 400, we have more than 50 R&D personnel, including four senior masters, 15 bachelors, and one national science and technology talent.

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We are a leading supplier of extrusion blow molding machines and molds with over 25 years of experience and a production capacity of over 1200 units per year. Contact us to discuss our offerings.

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