Extrusion blow molding machine

Specific application

Extrusion Blow Molding Machine

Blow molding machines are versatile manufacturing tools with applications across various industries for the production of hollow plastic products. Here are some common applications of blow molding machines:Packaging Industry, Automotive Components, Industrial Containers, Toy Manufacturing, Household Items, Medical Containers, Promotional Displays

Daily Chemical Bottle
Daily chemical bottles are the most common blow molded products in our lives.
Jerry Can
Jerry cans, with the development of the global automotive industry
PE Milk Bottle
Milk is an ancient natural drink in life. HDPE plastic packaging is the most popular way to store dairy products
Gallon Water Bottle
PC gallon buckets are drinking buckets with a very high recycling rate in the market
Chemical Drum
chemical plastic barrels are large blow-molded barrels that are very popular
Big Cross Section Panel Products
Large plastic panels: pallets, roadblocks, plastic blow molding guardrails
Small Blow Molding Products
Ocean ball, and other blow-molded toy manufacturers are also the main production models of our company.
Plastic Mannequin
Special-shaped blow molding products: mainly include some irregular blow molding products
Tool Box
Medium and large blow molding products include ice buckets, tool boxes, pesticide buckets, etc
Stacking Barrel
The company has 20 years of history in the research and development of stacking barrel machines
Automotive Part
Large plastic panels: pallets, roadblocks, plastic blow molding guardrails
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