Jerry Can Blow Molding Machine

Jerrycan blow molding machines shape durable containers for storing liquids. These machines mold HDPE plastic into jerrycan shapes efficiently, ensuring leak-resistant, high-quality containers. Ideal for industries requiring reliable liquid storage solutions.

  • Save time: Short color change time(1-2hours)
  • High quality: Smooth surface、Uniform wall thickness
  • Cost saving: The scrap rate is only 30%, and the energy saving of the whole machine can reach 20%
  • Personalization: View strip line, multi-layer, etc. Different output requirements can be achieved (40 to 200pcs/hr)
  • Customizable product size requirements (3 to 60L).

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What is jerrycan?

A jerrycan or jerrycan (also styled jerrycan or jerry can) is a fuel container made from pressed steel (and more recently, high density polyethylene). Jerrycan is divided into plastic jerrycan and metal jerrycan.

Plastic Jerry Jars are ideal for situations where portability, lightweight, and less resistance to chemicals are required. Metal Jerry cans, on the other hand, are more suitable for situations where higher durability and sealing performance are required, especially in harsh environments or where long-term storage is required. Choosing which jerrycan material to use usually depends on the specific use and needs.

Which is better?Plastic jerrycan vs Metal Jerrycan

The following table shows the advantages and disadvantages of Plastic Jerrycan and Metal Jerrycan:
Plastic Jerrycan
Portability: Plastic jerrycans are relatively lightweight and easy to carry and maneuver.Fragility: Plastics are relatively fragile and prone to scratching or breakage, especially in harsh environments.
Corrosion Resistance: Plastic will not rust or corrode and is suitable for many chemicals or liquid storage.Leakage risk: Plastics may leak or evaporate under certain circumstances.
Transparency: Some plastic jerry jars are transparent, making it easy to see the level of stored items.
Poor temperature resistance: Not as resistant to high or extremely low temperatures as metals.
Low Cost: Usually cheaper than metal materials.
Metal Jerrycan

Durability: Metal jerrycans are more durable and able to withstand more physical damage and harsh conditions.Heavier weight: Metal jerrycans are generally heavier than plastic and harder to carry and maneuver.

Sealing: Metal cans usually have better sealing properties, reducing the risk of liquid leakage.

Corrosivity: May be subject to oxidation and corrosion, especially if the surface is damaged.

High temperature resistance: Good resistance to high temperature and fire, not easy to burn.Higher cost: Metal materials are generally more expensive than plastic.
Environmentally friendly: Can be recycled and reused, environmentally friendly.

Production process

The production process of plastic Jerry cans usually includes the following steps:

plastic Jerry cans steps
The above steps are the general process flow for the production of plastic Jerry cans. The specific production process may vary slightly depending on the production factory and product requirements.

How to design the plastic jerrycan mold?

Designing a Jerrycan mold requires a series of engineering steps:
The entire mold design and manufacturing process requires a high degree of engineering and precision to ensure the production of high-quality Jerry Can products. With the advancement of technology, modern engineering software and CAD/CAM technology have greatly improved the accuracy and efficiency of mold design and manufacturing.

What are the main raw material components of plastic jerrycan?

Plastic Jerry Jars are typically made from one or more types of plastic materials, the main components of which may include the following materials:
  • Polyethylene (HDPE): High-density polyethylene is one of the primary materials commonly used to make plastic jerrycans. It has excellent chemical and impact resistance, making it ideal for durable liquid storage containers.
  • Polypropylene (PP): Polypropylene is another common plastic material that is also used to make plastic jerrycans. It is corrosion-resistant, heat-resistant and lightweight.
  • Other additives: In order to improve the characteristics of Jerry cans, other chemicals may be added during the production process, such as plasticizers, stabilizers, pigments or UV protection agents.
After suitable processing and molding processes, these raw materials can be made into plastic jerrycans that meet specific requirements and are used to store various liquids, such as chemicals, fuels, lubricants, etc. The choice of material depends on the specific use of the jerrycan and the required performance characteristics.

What capacities are there and which ones are more common?

Plastic Jerrycans are generally available in a variety of capacities, common capacities include:
  • 5 liters (1.32 gallons): Typically used for lightweight, portable applications such as outdoor activities, storing detergents, etc.
  • 10 liters (2.64 gallons): A relatively common medium capacity, suitable for emergency reserves in general households or vehicles.
  • 20 liters (5.28 gallons): Is a larger capacity and is used in a wider range of applications, such as cars, boats, industrial applications, etc.
  • 25 liters (6.6 gallons): It is also a common larger capacity, suitable for long-distance travel, outdoor activities or some specific industrial purposes.
  • 30 liters (7.92 gallons) and above: Larger capacity jerry cans are typically used in industrial, military or special applications and are capable of holding more liquids or chemicals.
Plastic Jerrycans

Among these capacities, 5-liter, 10-liter and 20-liter jerrycans are the more general specifications and are widely used in homes, vehicles, outdoor and general industrial applications. Choosing a jerrycan with an appropriate capacity depends on actual needs, such as usage scenarios, types of liquids stored, and portability.

How to choose plastic jerry can blow molding machine?

There are several factors to consider when choosing a blow molding machine for plastic jerry cans:
  • Capacity Requirements: Determine the required capacity per hour based on your production needs. Different models of blow molding machines have different production capacities and need to be selected according to actual needs.
  • Material adaptability: Make sure the blow molding machine can handle the plastic raw material you are using, such as polyethylene (HDPE) or polypropylene (PP), etc.
  • Molding size and shape: The size and shape of the jerry can will affect the choice of blow molding machine. Make sure your blow molding machine can produce jerry cans that meet your specifications.
  • Degree of automation: The degree of automation affects production efficiency and costs. Blow molding machines with a high degree of automation may be more suitable for mass production.
  • Quality and stability: Choose a blow molding machine brand and model that has a good reputation, reliable quality and high stability.
  • Energy consumption: Consider the energy consumption of the blow molding machine and choose a model that can save energy costs.
  • After-sales service and support: Choose a supplier with reliable after-sales service and support to ensure that the equipment is maintained and maintained.
Jerry Can Blow Molding Machine
When choosing a blow molding machine, it is best to conduct a comprehensive comparison and evaluation, and select the most suitable blow molding machine model and brand based on your production needs, budget, and equipment performance. It is best to consult a professional equipment supplier or production equipment expert for more detailed advice and technical support.

How to calculate the investment return period of plastic jerrycan production?

The return on investment period (ROI) can be calculated by the following formula

Return on Investment (ROI)=total investment cost annual net profit
Return on Investment (ROI) =annual net profit total investment cost

When considering the investment return cycle, it is necessary to comprehensively consider all the above aspects and conduct detailed financial analysis and forecasts. This helps understand the time frame for return on investment and aids decision making and financial planning. It’s best to conduct a detailed return on investment analysis with a financial professional or industry expert.

How to improve the automation of jerrycan's blow molding machine, reduce labor costs and reduce energy consumption

To improve the automation of plastic Jerrycan blow molding machines and reduce labor costs and energy consumption, the following methods can be considered:

    • Automation control system: Update the control system of the blow molding machine and adopt advanced automation control technology, such as PLC control system, to improve production efficiency and reduce manual operations.
    • Automated production line: Consider integrating the blow molding machine with other production equipment to build an automated production line to make the production process smoother and more continuous and reduce manual intervention.
    • Intelligent equipment monitoring: Install monitoring equipment and sensors to monitor parameters and status in the production process in real time, detect problems in a timely manner and make adjustments to reduce energy waste.
    • Automatic feeding system: Use an automated raw material supply system to ensure that plastic granules or pellets are supplied on demand, reducing waste and improving production efficiency.
    • Energy-saving technology: Apply energy-saving technology, such as installing energy-saving equipment, optimizing heating systems, and reducing energy consumption, such as using high-efficiency heating elements, energy-saving heat exchangers, etc.
jerrycan blow molding machine details
jerrycan blow molding machine details
jerrycan blow molding machine details
  • Automated mold replacement: Develop blow molding machines with automated mold replacement capabilities to reduce downtime and labor costs.
  • Remote monitoring and operation: Realize the remote monitoring and remote operation functions of the blow molding machine to facilitate remote adjustment of production parameters and monitoring of equipment status.
  • Employee training and skill improvement: Provide skills training to employees to improve their ability to operate and maintain automation equipment to ensure efficient operation of the equipment.

How to buy plastic jerrycan blow molding machine?

Here are a few steps to consider when purchasing a plastic jerry can blow molding machine:

  • Determine needs: First determine your production needs, including required production capacity, size and shape of jerry cans and other specifications.
  • Market research: Conduct market research to understand the product performance, brand reputation, after-sales service and other information of various blow molding machine manufacturers.
  • Contact suppliers: Contact multiple blow molding machine suppliers or manufacturers and ask them for detailed information about blow molding machine models, prices, technical parameters, after-sales services, etc.
  • Visit exhibitions or factories: You can attend industry exhibitions or go directly to the blow molding machine manufacturer’s factory for on-site inspections to gain a more intuitive understanding of the performance and quality of the equipment.
  • Choose the right equipment: Choose a blow molding machine that meets your requirements based on your production needs, budget, and equipment performance parameters.
  • Negotiation and purchase: Negotiate prices and contract terms with various suppliers to finalize the purchase of the blow molding machine.
  • After-sales service: After purchase, ensure that the equipment has complete after-sales service and technical support, including installation, training, maintenance and warranty support.
  • Delivery and installation: Determine delivery and installation details to ensure equipment arrives on time and is installed and debugged correctly.

Purchasing a blow molding machine is a relatively complicated process that requires adequate preparation and understanding of market conditions. It is best to compare and communicate with multiple suppliers to choose suitable equipment and manufacturers to ensure that the equipment purchased can meet your production needs and have good performance and reliable after-sales service.

What are the after-sales services of plastic jerrycan blow molding machine?

  • Installation and debugging services: Provide professional installation and debugging services to ensure that the equipment is installed correctly and put into production smoothly.
  • Operation training: Provide training for operators to teach the correct operation methods and maintenance knowledge of the equipment to ensure the safe operation of the equipment.
  • Regular maintenance: Provide regular maintenance services to check the operating status of the equipment and ensure that the equipment is in optimal working condition.
  • Spare parts supply: Provide original or compatible spare parts supply services to ensure equipment maintenance needs.
after-sales services of plastic jerrycan blow molding machine
after-sales services of plastic jerrycan blow molding machine
  • Remote technical support: Provide remote technical support services to help solve problems in equipment operation and maintenance.
  • On-site service: Provide on-site repair services when needed to quickly resolve equipment malfunctions or issues.
  • Upgrade and modification services: Provide equipment upgrade and modification services according to customer needs to update equipment technology and performance.
  • Warranty period: Provide a certain period of warranty service to cover equipment failures or problems.
  • What are the well-known manufacturers of plastic jerrycan?

    • Mauser Group: Mauser is a global provider of industrial packaging solutions, offering a wide range of plastic and metal jerry cans widely used in chemical, food and pharmaceutical industries.
    • Scepter: Scepter is a company specializing in the production of plastic containers and industrial packaging. They offer plastic jerry cans in a variety of sizes and shapes that are used in the military, industrial and consumer goods industries.
    • Grief: Grief is another company that manufactures plastic packaging products. They offer a variety of plastic containers for different uses, including plastic jerry cans, which are mainly used in the chemical and food industries.
    • Eagle Manufacturing Company: Eagle Manufacturing specializes in industrial safety and packaging products. They provide plastic jerry cans of various specifications and capacities, which are used in chemical industry, liquid storage and other fields.
    These companies are well-known manufacturers in the field of plastic jerry can production, providing plastic jerry can products in various specifications and uses. Choosing the right manufacturer requires evaluation and selection based on your specific needs and product requirements.

    Recommended by well-known jerrycan blow molding machine manufacturers

    When it comes to manufacturers of plastic jerrycan blow molding machines, the following companies are highly regarded:
    Suzhou Tongda Machinery Co., Ltd.: Renowned for innovation and reliability in the realm of plastic blow molding equipment.
    Bekum: Recognized as a global leader in blow molding, Bekum is committed to high-efficiency, high-quality equipment manufacturing.
    Kautex: Known for its advanced technology and exceptional quality, Kautex offers a range of customized plastic blow molding solutions.
    Wilmington Machinery: With extensive experience in plastics processing, Wilmington Machinery is a trusted choice for efficient, innovative, and reliable blow molding equipment.
    Jomar Corporation: Focused on high-speed, high-efficiency blow molding machines, Jomar Corporation provides reliable solutions for plastic container production.
    Milacron Holdings Corp.: Milacron offers comprehensive solutions for the plastics industry through its innovative blow molding technology.
    Graham Engineering Corporation: As a specialized blow molding machine manufacturer, Graham Engineering Corporation’s equipment is highly regarded for efficiency and reliability.
    Aoki Technical Laboratory, Inc.: Acknowledged within the industry for advanced technology and innovative blow molding solutions.
    Techne Graham Packaging: Techne Graham Packaging concentrates on high-efficiency and exceptional performance in plastic blow molding machines.
    Sidel Group: Renowned for its extensive experience in plastic container production, Sidel Group provides high-quality solutions for plastic jerrycan blow molding machines.
    These manufacturers are renowned for their expertise and technological innovation in the field of plastic blow molding equipment, providing crucial machinery and solutions for the plastic jerrycan manufacturing industry.

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    160-180pcs/hr for 5L
    140-150pcs/hr for 10L
    130-140pcs/hr for 20L
    100-120pcs/hr for 30L
    50-55pcs/hr for 25L
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