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Irregular Shape Product Blow Molding Machine

Special-shaped blow molding products: mainly include some irregular blow molding products such as models and blow molding seats. This requires better stability of the equipment and a mold clamping structure that meets the requirements. The company has more than 20 years of experience in special-shaped blow molding products, and customizes blow molding molds and mechanical equipment according to customer needs. Supporting automation equipment.

Irregular Shape Product Blow Molding Machine

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Successfully supplied Jerrycan blow molding machine lines to many countries around the world

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Successfully supplied Jerrycan blow molding machine lines to many countries around the world

Advantages of Tongda Machinery Products

Hydraulic system:

Proportional hydraulic control, equipped with imported hydraulic valve and oil pump, stable and reliable.

Plasticizing system:

The plasticizing system adopts American S design series. Full consideration shall be given to the full plasticization of such medium molecular weight and high molecular weight polyethylene. The high efficiency plasticizing mixing screw is used to fully and evenly plasticize, improve the surface quality of the product, and effectively prevent the temperature rise of the screw. The diameter of 90MM screw can reach 130Kg/h. Equipped with energy-saving device of frequency converter, the average plasticizing capacity is 3.97Kg per kilowatt hour. Its energy consumption ratio is second to none among similar products.

Electrical control system:

Mitsubishi PLC computer interface (Chinese and English) control All process setting, change, retrieval, monitoring, fault diagnosis and other functions are realized on the touch screen. The working principle of pointless contact makes the components durable.

Material injection:

Independent single (large) oil cylinder feeding ensures the concentricity of feeding and absolutely avoids the asynchronous phenomenon of double oil cylinders. Tongda’s unique technology 10 section pressure wall thickness control function reduces the difference between the upper and lower width of the blank due to vertical extension, and improves the uniformity of the product wall thickness.

Low energy consumption:

Equipped with oil pump servo motor, it can save about 10 kilowatt hours of electricity. The longer the molding cycle is, the more significant the energy saving effect will be. Select the appropriate power to make the motor work at the appropriate speed, extend the service life of the motor, and reduce the hydraulic oil temperature. The motor will not run at high speed due to too small motor power, which will lead to motor vulnerability.


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