Dairy packaging has always been a key area of ​​competition for plastics and paper products. The application of plastic packaging in this field represents the advanced level of plastic packaging technology. At present, users’ continuous upgrading of dairy packaging is promoting the development of plastic technology, especially the HDPE hollow blow molding technology upgrade.

The HDPE blown hollow container is used to package liquid milk, which is convenient to carry, light in weight, low in cost, etc., and the HDPE bottle has many advantages such as good impact resistance, shatterproof, leakproof, cover can be repeatedly opened and closed, and can be recycled. Therefore, it has a good application prospect in the field of dairy products. HDPE hollow blow molding technology has also become a competitive hotspot for plastic packaging enterprises.

For example, in today’s popular market of vitamin-containing dairy products, in order to keep its nutrients from being damaged by light, sun, etc., a UV insulation layer is required in the wall of the bottle, which is shielded from light, especially UV light and oxygen. The market share of layered co-extruded HDPE packaging products is growing, and multi-layer HDPE plastic bottles account for nearly 70% of the dairy packaging market. This has also contributed to the continuous improvement of HDPE hollow blow molding technology. The current leader in this technology area is Uniloy Milacron. The company’s Recip line of equipment enables two preforms to be extruded simultaneously on a single die in a mouth-to-mouth fashion, doubling production and increasing productivity. In this way, the user can get double the product output without increasing the model of the device. This production method is suitable for bottles without handles, the volume is between 50 and 1000 liters. The plastic bottles produced are sterile products, which can be directly filled. The position of the bottle can be placed on the top of the bottle according to different needs of users. Central, also in the upper corner position. It is said that high speed, high efficiency and flexibility are becoming the development direction of HDPE hollow blow molding technology.