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Company Profile

As a top manufacturer in the field of blow molding machine manufacturing in China, Suzhou Tongda Machinery has been committed to creating an evergreen foundation for 25 years and becoming a leader in the field of extrusion hollowing.

Tongda’s blow molding equipment is widely used in food packaging, daily chemical packaging, chemicals, auto parts, marine engineering, amusement equipment, transportation facilities, logistics equipment, hardware tools, pharmaceutical packaging and other industries.

We actively explore the development and application of the most cutting-edge blow molding technology, and use the latest technology to make the equipment more efficient, energy-saving, intelligent and humanized; currently we have the design and manufacturing capacity of the largest 5000L hollow blow molding product production equipment.
Tong strives to meet the flexible and changeable needs of every customer, from customer needs, product analysis, plan formulation, processing and manufacturing, quality control inspection, commissioning training, after-sales service and other aspects to demonstrate the image of a responsible large company.

The Tongda trademark is a well-known trademark of Jiangsu Province

A number of technologies have won the second prize of national and provincial science and technology, the special prize of Jiangsu Province for new product research and development, the first drafting unit of national standards, and Mr. Xu Wenliang, the chairman of the board, won the fourth batch of national Reward (Leading Talents in Science and Technology Entrepreneurship). The company has undertaken major achievement transformation projects in Jiangsu Province and is a small giant cultivation enterprise in Zhangjiagang City. The company will adhere to the development tenet of “Working together and growing together” to create sustainable value for customers and employees.

20 million yuan

Registered capital of 20 million yuan

20,000 ㎡

factory buildings and other facilities

60 acres

a new intelligent manufacturing factory

9,000 equipment

produced 9,000 blow molding equipment

400 employees

There are a total of 400 employees

100 countries

more than 100 countries and regions

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