This machine is suitable for the small bottles from 30ml upto 2Liter different sizes. You can have different options in this machine like single station, double station, single head, multi heads, view strip, single layer, multi-layers , auto-deflashing function and so on.
We will make the most suitable configuration according to your requirement in you new project.

Technical Features:

1. Electric system: Mitsubishi PLC system and human-machine interface control(Chinese & English language). Touch screen operation. Setting parameters , changing parameters, searching, monitoring, fault diagnosis and other functions are done by the touch screen. Components are durable.
2. Hydraulic system: Proportional pressure control. Using international famous hydraulic components. It is steady and reliable.
3. Plasticizing system: High efficiency of plasticizing mixing screw. Make sure the plasticizing fully and evenly.
4. Speed control system: Variable-frequency speed control and alloy steel hard tooth-face speed reducer. Speed control steadily. Low noise. Durable in use.
5. Clamping and mold-moving system: The girder arm, tripod position, central mold-lock clamping unit. Durable in use. Mold-lock pressure is balance. No deformation. Ball linear guide rail. It is high precision, low resistance and high speed.
6. Blow pin holder: The whole triangle blow pin holder. Steady and no moving. Make sure the smoothness of the cutter of product.
7. Clamping unit and mold-lock system use the TONGDA patent: Two pull rod, single cylinder, two-way synchronous clamping central mold-lock system. It is very steady. Linear ball rolling guide way and microns accuracy. High precision, convenience, energy saving and no deformation.
8. Deflashing system: Independent system. Reduce the cycle time and increase efficiency.