Fully automated production lines will dominate the extrusion blow molding industry

From the trend of domestic and international market development, due to the large-scale production of plastic bottles, plastic barrels, auto parts and industrial blow moldings, etc., various large, medium and small high-speed, stable, energy-saving, auxiliary equipment Specialized, fully automatic production lines will be the mainstream of the development of the extrusion blow molding industry in the next few years.
1. Large and super large extrusion forming unit and production line

(1) Large extrusion unit and production line for blow molding trays.

The rapid development of logistics, food, fertilizer, petrochemical, household chemicals, railway transportation and warehousing, pharmaceutical and feed, beer, beverage and other industries will certainly drive the rapid development of the pallet manufacturing industry, especially the blow molding tray manufacturing industry.

In recent years, although the injection molding tray industry has achieved considerable development, due to the inherent limitations of the plastic raw materials and molding mechanism of the injection molding tray, the service life is short and easy to fall under the conditions of large temperature difference and high intensity use. The block is broken. The high-strength blow molding tray has the advantages of high impact strength and durability, and is listed as the first choice for plastic pallets. Its annual market demand is about 20%, while the annual production capacity of domestic high-strength blow molding trays is basically 100. Within 10,000 blocks, it is far from meeting the needs of the market.

At present, most of the large extrusion machines in China are mainly general-purpose models, which are used for the production of 1000LIBC plastic drums and for the production of blow molding trays, and the equipment capacity cannot be fully utilized. To this end, intensify efforts to develop large-scale, ultra-large hollow forming units and high-speed production lines that specialize in the production of blow molding trays is one of the main directions of some enterprises in the industry.

(2) Large extrusion molding unit for IBC plastic packaging drum.

There are already a number of blow molding machine manufacturers in China that can manufacture 1000LIBC plastic drums, but most of them are general-purpose equipment. At present, domestic 1000L extrusion molding machine adopts less radial wall thickness control device of plastic parison, resulting in uneven control of wall thickness at the four corners of the product, increasing consumption of raw materials, affecting the performance of molding equipment, and it is worthy of causing domestic large-scale blow molding machine. The manufacturing company attaches great importance to it.

(3) Other large extrusion molding machines. China is a country with a variety of climatic and environmental conditions. There are large market demands for water storage tanks and water storage tanks with different requirements. Therefore, research and development of ultra-large hollow molding machines that are more suitable for the needs of the product market is also one of the development directions. . In recent years, some large-scale blow molding products manufacturers have jointly researched and developed special water storage tanks and water storage tank production equipment, and their product volume has reached 2000L.
Automatic extrusion blow molding machine
2. Multi-layer extrusion forming unit and production line

(1) Automobile multi-layer plastic fuel tank production equipment.

(2) Multi-layer three-dimensional extrusion forming unit. At present, domestic fully automatic blow molding machine manufacturers have the design and manufacturing capabilities of multi-layer three-dimensional hollow molding units, but since the domestic market has not yet formed a huge market demand, the development of this technology is relatively slow. The development and upgrading of the domestic car industry will boost the development of such units.

(3) The design and manufacturing technology of multi-layer daily chemical product packaging plastic drum and plastic bottle extrusion molding machine production line has been mastered by many enterprises.

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