Q: After the HDPE bottle is pulverized and dried, can it be directly blown? Do you want to add other materials such as LLDPE and other additives?
Answer 1: Is it not good for injection molding? The surface of the film that is made out of the film is not light. Can blow, add some return materials or new materials.
2: HDPE recycled materials cannot be blown. Because HDPE is stretched and oriented during the first blow, and is used for a long time. The internal molecular structure has broken. Degradation occurs. Blow molding is a process of orienting molecular orientation. How can the original structurally messy molecules be oriented again? So if you add other materials or new materials, you can’t blow them. Even if it can be blown, uneven thickness will occur, and the gloss will be poor and the surface will be rough. It’s not worth it!
3: HDPE can blow film. No fillers can be added during granulation, but only the agricultural film can be blown. As long as the granulation is relatively uniform, there should be no problem, but I have not tried it. I personally think that there should be no problem as long as it does not affect the cutting.
4: The effect of blowing the film on the pulverized material is poor, so that the particles are blown again.