Blow molding machine is entering the era of automation

The blow molding machine market is entering the era of automation, with the transformation and upgrading of the downstream market and the increasing labor costs. The automated and integrated blow molding machine has become the first choice of many manufacturers. This forced the manufacturers of blow molding machines to start thinking about ways to abandon the traditional product types, focusing on the automatic blow molding machine market. However, unlike other products, the production of automatic blow molding machines requires strong R&D capabilities for blow molding machine manufacturers and requires more experience. This makes some small blow molding machine manufacturers seem powerless.
Although the automatic blow molding machine is a market trend. However, Xiao Bian believes that there will still be some market space in the semi-automatic and simple blow molding machine market, whether domestic or export. Because there are still a lot of small workshop-style companies, on the one hand, it is difficult to use a fully automatic blow molding machine because it requires a high capital investment. On the other hand, even if these manufacturers introduce automatic blow molding machines, it is difficult to match other supporting equipment. We hope that those blower manufacturers that are currently under the strength will focus more on the market of simple and semi-automatic blow molding machines. It is the right way to invest in the development of the fully automatic blow molding machine market based on the stabilization of these markets. .

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