At present, there are hundreds of blow molding machine manufacturers in China. Some blower manufacturers are already very large, while others are still in the family workshop. Regardless of the size, we must be consciously aware that the market for blow molding machines is constantly changing. How can we capture more in the fierce market competition for the blower manufacturers in the seller market? Users are very important.

In fact, blow molding machines are different from plastic bottles. The price of blow molding machines ranges from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands. Manufacturers often spend a lot of time in purchasing blow molding machines. At this time, the brand and reputation of the blow molding machine is often the main factor that the manufacturer finally decides to purchase. At present, domestic blow molding machine manufacturers pay less attention to the brand building of blow molding machine products. Many manufacturers basically sell through telemarketing and exhibitions. On the one hand, this approach is difficult to tap potential customers. On the other hand, orders for blow molding machines are often taken care of, and neglected the steady flow of orders that brand building can bring.
If you can carry out effective planning, invest more in the brand building of the blow molding machine, once the word-of-mouth and brand effect are established in the user group. Then, blower manufacturers will receive better results in the long run. For small and medium-sized blow molding machines, although there is now a lot of pressure. But it is necessary to change the traditional experience of the past. It is necessary to invest a certain amount of money and manpower in the developer of the blowing machine, and strive to continuously improve on the existing defects of the blowing machine equipment to better meet the market changes.

For the manufacturers of hollow blow molding machines, the market is constantly changing, but to stand firm in this market, the only immutable is product innovation. According to relevant statistics, about 70% of domestic blow molding machine manufacturers are small and medium-sized enterprises. The scale of these companies is generally small, and some are set up very short. These blow molding machine manufacturers are short-board in many aspects such as research and development and after-sales, and the blow molding machine products produced are basically in the middle and low end. In the past, the domestic plastics industry showed extensive growth. There is a large demand for blow molding machines, so some manufacturers of low-end and low-end blow molding machines have also gained opportunities for development. However, enterprises are now undergoing transformation and upgrading, and the automation requirements for blow molding machine equipment are getting higher and higher, and the market share of low-end and low-end blow molding machines is shrinking. This will have a big impact on the low-end blow molding machine manufacturers. Small and medium-sized blow molding machine manufacturers are facing the risk of dishwashing.