IBC Tank Machine

Item Name Brand
Hydraulic Parts
Oil Pump SUMITOMO 图片6
Hydraulic Valve YUKEN 图片7
Proportional Valve YUKEN 图片7
Solenoid Valve YUKEN 图片7
Pneumatic Parts
Solenoid Valve FESTO 图片8
Cylinder FESTO 图片8
Electrical Parts
Microcomputer Control System MITSUBISHI 图片12
Touch Screen INOVANCE 图片13
Temperature Controller MITSUBISHI 图片12
Contactor SCHNEIDER 图片11
Air Switch SCHNEIDER 图片11

Technical Parameters of TDB-1200F

 Items UnitsTDB series
 Model TDB-1200F
Station Single
Max. Product volumeL1200
Dry cyclepc/h30
Output of HDPEkg/h300*2=600
Weight of machinekg53000
Size of machinem,L×W×H12×7.4×6.5
Die Head (double layers) 
Max. Die diameter(single-head)mm750
Die Head Heating Zone(single-head) 9
Die Head Heating(single-head)KW66
Clamping Unit 
Platen Distancemm1100~2700
Clamping forceKN1300
Extruder Unit (Two screws) 
Screw Diametremm100*2
Screw Length/Diametre Ratio 30:1
Screw heating powerKW26*2
No.of heating zone(Screw) 5*2
Power Unit 
Hydraulic Pump Driving PowerKW42.5
Screw Motor PowerKW75*2
Total PowerKW385
Air consumptionm3/min5
Blow pressureMpa0.8
Cooling water pressureMpa0.5
Water consunptionL/min350
Max.Size of Moldmm,W×H1860×1720
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